Tom Cruise's BlackBerry Is Out There. Somewhere.

  • Someone in Toronto has Tom Cruise's BlackBerry. The Church of Scientology will disavow any knowledge of the actions needed to get it back in the event an agent is caught or killed. [P6]
  • Vegetarian animal-rights-campaign Paul McCartney is too much of a hippie pansy to kill off the rampaging army of wild boars breeding on his British estate. Neighbors worry the delicious animals "could kill someone." [Sun]
  • If CNN is so fat and flush, why did it "part ways" with the guy in charge of hiring people? Please tell us it's because he wasn't hiring people fast enough. Because CNN is the last best hope.
  • Anna Wintour went to the opera with "Shelby Bryant" or Shelby Bryan? Solve the riddle, Page Six!
  • Cipriani: Our menu is so controversial it sent the owner into exile. In Uruguay! [P6]
  • Cameron Diaz "totally scoped... out" Keri Russell's carpenter husband at an Oscar party. And Keri Russell so did not feel threatened. [Daily Star]