Just about every media company, from us (small) to Time Inc. (big) to many others of varying sizes, shapes, and predilections have been laying people off lately. Because everything is terrible, especially the prospects of media employment! Still, we don't want to be perceived as negative. So we've assembled a roundup of the major media companies that haven't had any big layoffs throughout this new depression, and analyzed why they've been so fortunate. Praise them:

  • News Corp: Rupert Murdoch has so far kept his staffing up. Then again, some of his properties (the New York Post) have been losing money forever, so nothing is different now. He just chooses to invest in them for his own reasons. Though you have to think that he can't keep pouring money into his newspapers with no end, considering the long term prospects of the industry.
  • Bloomberg: The financial news service makes most of its money selling Bloomberg terminals to financial firms. Some of its big clients no longer exist. Most of the others are having horrible years. Layoffs here are inevitable, sooner or later.

There you have it: two big media companies haven't cut huge chunks of their staffs yet, but both of them are likely to do so before this recession is over. That's the bright side. [Pic via]