For those of you still kicking yourselves for sitting out last year's Michael Jackson Family Auction and Fedora Liquidation Sale, all hope is not lost:

Your twice-in-a-lifetime dream of owning one of the disgraced King of Pop's other remaining possessions is set to bloom to life next spring — including his jeweled glove and the actual gates to Neverland Ranch. Hit the ATM! WeHo mainstay Julien's Auctions announced the sale this morning, urging collectors of fine, vintage infamy to save the dates April 21-25 for a sale featuring more than 2,000 lots of Jackson's personal property.

This monumental five-day auction [...] offers an astounding array of Fine & Decorative Art items, paintings and life size bronze and marble sculptures to Memorabilia from the Life & Career of Michael Jackson. The auction also includes Amusements, Arcade Games & Disneyana, Entertainment Memorabilia and Garden Statuary Furniture from the personal collection of Michael Jackson. [...]

Auction Network will broadcast the auction live on national television and stream video of the auction online providing fans all over the world a front row seat to watch and bid in real time on the items up for sale.

Never mind the actual existence of an "Auction Network," where surely some little Silverman is plotting as we speak to hand its 10 p.m. slot to Jacko Treasures: The Series — what's "Amusements"? And if they sell the Neverland Ranch gates, what will keep the boys inside? Are are they for sale, too? We seriously need to read the catalog.