· After hearing Dong-won Kim's rendition of Mariah's "Touch My Body," all other takes, including the original, instantly fade away. Enjoy. [Thanks to Dave Holmes for this one.]

· Here's Variety's review of Valkyrie. We saw it yesterday, too, and are largely in agreement. Neither the movie or Cruise are a disaster by any stretch, but it's a pretty dry historical recreation best suited for the History Channel set. The Pianist this is not.
· If you haven't seen Jon Stewart corner Mike Huckabee like a frightened rodent over gay marriage, get thee to this page now. Watching him swat down Huckabee's ridiculous arguments is almost as satisfying as good same-sex.
· Ricky Martin's got himself two little Clay Juniors!
· Pitchfork's 20 Worst Album Covers of 2008.
· Don't let the Italian censors get their hands on your queer cowboy masterpiece: They'll slice and dice it into the story of two rigidly heterosexual spaghetti chefs who swap wives.