The same Obamatards who voted up total blowjob questions on the Digg-like question section of have, all too predictably, almost completely obliterated any question mentioning ROD BLAGOJEVICH.

In fact, if you mention ROD BLAGOJEVICH in your question, at all, even totally politely in a relevant way, your question will not only be voted down but "removed" (says the site) as "inappropriate," visible only through a specific search for ROD BLAGOJEVICH. Here are some of the questions Ben Smith discovered voted down to hell by Obama's angry Islamist mob:

  • "Given the current corruption charges involving Blagojevich, will 'serious' campaign finance reform that takes money completely out of politics through publicly funded elections be a priority in the first term?" asked Metteyya of Santa Cruz, California.
  • "In light of the recent corruption scandals (Blagojevich, Rangel, Jefferson, Stevens, etc) that have dominated the political scene,is there any ethics legislation being crafted to actually curb corruption and prevent another wave of nixonian cynicism?", a question from "lupercal," of Gainesville.'
  • And: "Is Barack Obama aware of any communications in the last six weeks between Rod Blagojevich or anyone representing Rod Blagojevich and any of Obama's top aides?", a question from Phil from Pennsylvania. looked like it was going to be a nice, civil exception to the usual mob rule in Web comment sections. And maybe it would have been, with some conscientious Change.govers letting in some Blago questions. But now Drudge has linked the site, via this story, so a bunched of pissed off Obama conspiracists will jump into the game, resulting in an epic mod war and soon the whole thing will look like a YouTube screaming match.

( is the new IRC.)