Zounds and ods bodkins y'all, Gossip Girl spin-off news to drop in T-minus now. There have been rattly little whispers circling through TV land about some sort of new offshoot project for the teen soap, and people were all up ins the Speculation Department's secret files trying to find the answers. Most people thought it would be for young Jennifricka, following her to boarding school like that The It Girl book series. But no! Instead the new spin-off will focus on our most useless and wrinkly demographic, old people! Horrible, horrible old people which I will never become (I've my Goldie Hawn wig and Isabella Rossellini to thank for that.) Read more by clicking —>

It's Rufus and Lily in their younger years! Can you believe that idea? Because if no one cares about Lily and Rufus now, when they're incontinent and sadly comical 90-year-olds, then that means by the laws of subtraction or something that people are bound to adore them when they're shitty kids. Yeah, the show will go back into the past to detail their first awkward, sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars (all the while dreaming of the F... B... I...) while in the background the "high society and rock 'n' roll lifestyle in New York" rages. Yeah. Nothing says high-society quite like late 80's rock and/or roll in New York City. Well researched!

What do you think? Is this the worst idea ever or just a regular old bad one?