Happy Holidays from Viacom, the home of hundreds of holiday layoffs! Employees, please observe these piddling, needless rules as you slave away in our caverns on Christmas. MEMO AHEAD:

To: All Employees: 1540, 1515 Broadway & 345 Hudson



During this time, employees tend to decorate their workspace and/or have potluck department buffets. This memo is just a reminder that if you decorate, you need to be careful not to create any potential safety hazards that may endanger you or your co-workers. Please keep in mind that all holiday lights and decorations must be fire retardant or fire proofed and U.L. approved with the tag attached. Live trees solely for the purpose of a holiday decoration are not permitted. Please do not use unapproved extension cords.

Holiday Flowers are placed in the reception areas on each floor representing the beauty that this time of year brings.

During this special time, we here at Viacom/MTVN wish you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season.


Any food service brought to the office areas must be restricted to a conference room or other pre-approved space. If planning on serving hot food remember that use of outside heat sources with an open flame, such as "Sterno", for warming chafing dishes is strictly prohibited in all Viacom office areas.

For all our safety, Security and Facilities staff will periodically be touring the workspace areas. Any situation encountered that is unapproved or considered unsafe will be corrected or removed immediately. If you need assistance or have a question about this policy, please contact [redacted].


Please keep in mind that all personal packages including holiday gifts, internet purchases and orders from catalog companies, etc. should be directed to your home address. Should an item be received that appears to be personal in nature, it will be held in the concourse messenger center for pick-up with ID that matches the addressee information. These items will not be delivered into the office space.

· You will receive either a voicemail or e-mail notifying you that a package is being held

· These items must be retrieved between 4:30pm and 6pm on the same business day

· Please recognize that Viacom's acceptance of non-Viacom business related packages is a problem for us to deal with, but we'll do the best we can. We cannot however, accept any responsibility for loss or damage.


Please be reminded that mail and package services are for business use only. Use of DHL, UPS or the sending of personal items including holiday cards through the company postage metering system is expressly prohibited. All personal mail must have proper postage affixed prior to placing in the inter-office system. Business related holiday cards should be identified as such and bundled with a note including your name and budget center.

Liquor is considered Hazardous Material and cannot be shipped by any of Viacom's designated small package carriers (DHL or UPS). This includes use of intra-divisional pouches.

For questions or any assistance you can contact [redacted]

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to successfully get through this always hectic season! Happy Holidays!