Hunter S. Thompson Left Us a Literary Canon and His Sperm

Gonzo author Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide in 2005, leaving behind his new wife and grown son. Thoughtfully, he left his frozen sperm behind for widow Anita Thompson , as she confessed in Scotland's Sunday Herald.

"Hunter and I were always trying to have children," she says, "but we just never did... Hunter was such a loving person that it would have been a joy to have a family with him," she says, and then adds, almost casually: "But I could still have his child if I want to."

As this bombshell resonates, Thompson opens up, clams up, opens up again. There are certain things she wants off the record - specifically the words "frozen sperm". I respect those wishes, naturally, but, having tried for several days, I genuinely can't think of any other way to put it. "He left that possibility for me but it's a long series of ethical questions for me whether I would want to have his child now."

We love Hunter, and hate to look a gift horse in the mouth. But sometimes the gift sperm in question has the addiction and crazy gene.

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