It's nothing new for the New York Times to coin annoying terms like "recessionista" to name the latest lifestyle trend. As a tipster points out, they were doing it back in 1872, too!

See right there is the term "progressista," which I guess described the young, velocipede-pedaling go-getter of the day. "That Cosgrove Banksby is a real progressista. Why just yesterday I saw him riding his push car down to Carbondale, surely the most future-like town of our day!" Things like that. Being a progressista is wayyy better than being a recessionista, which basically just describes a lady who likes clothes who now, what with the economy and all, is slightly less rich than she was before. No more Louis Vuitton purses?? You, progressista! Get this woman some of your newfangled medicines, she's got the vapors!