The puppycam has broken a record, reports Alley Insider: 15 million voyeurs watching over these innocent pups. It's become harder to watch now that several of them have been ripped from their homes.

Our readers have been concerned about their disappearance, empathizing:

I personally unfortunately cannot have a dog at the moment (I have 2 cats in a small Manhattan apt!) but I LOVE love love the puppycam with the Shiba Inus. Because sometimes their little faces seem lonely (or maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me), could you tell me where these puppies are? Are they in a shelter or in a home? Do we know anything about the place we’re looking upon? Someone comes in around 5p it seems to play with them, but they’re otherwise alone. But they have everything they need it seems, especially each other (don’t get me started on what would happen if they get separated, I might be inconsolable). Yet somehow the back door flap is open so they must not be anywhere very cold… I hope not…

For the record, they're in California, and the puppycam was set up so their owners could watch over them while they were at work. We think what happened is that once they reached eight weeks, they were able to be sold to human families as pets.

The remaining puppies look so sad. Now we know why, when our families got new pups, they stayed up crying all night—-it was because they missed their brothers and sisters! And their mom. The puppycam is a lesson on life, coming of age, and loneliness.