More developments in the strange death of actor Mark Ruffalo's brother Scott. Supposedly police aren't buying the whole "Russian Roulette" story given to them by the "Saudi princess," Shaha Mishaal Adham. Can't trust foreigners!

Adham, who apparently raised hell back at her tony LA prep school, Harvard Westlake was caught by buzzing TMZ cameras and, sadly, was happy to talk to them. She's glad, and quick, to call her old friend Scott "crazy." So that's nice. I was also kinda hoping, when I first heard about her, for someone more mysterious and worldly. Instead she sounds like that one girl from My Super Sweet 16 who said "moooommmmm" in this really annoying way and got carried into her party by a group of hunky mens. So that's stupid.

Also stupid is the tale she spun about Scott dying from a Russian roulette accident. Rumor is that the cops are starting to not so much believe that story, because of little details like the gunshot being to the back of his head.

So the mystery thickens and begins to ooze into smeary Hollywood scandal territory, with a blasé party girl in the center, talking willingly to TMZ. I'd say that the brother of a classy, artsy actor like Mark Ruffalo doesn't deserve this (and he doesn't), but really, ain't nobody who deserves this.