We hope you're starting to grow more accustomed to the svelte, Juicy-sweatsuit-wearing us since we unveiled our new look to you yesterday.

One other change we neglected to mention was that unapproved commenters' submissions now appear directly beneath the posts, invisible to the public until we approve them. So go ahead and add a comment if you have something funny, smart and/or insightful to add to the discussion.

Examples of comments that will not be approved: Typo corrections; attempts at showcasing one's creative writing prowess or extensive vocabulary; long-winded defenses of orphan-collecting starlets and the men who love them; general filth and unseemliness.

Examples of comments that will be approved: Ones demonstrating some actual Hollywood insider knowledge; jokes we haven't already rejected for being too obvious and/or unfunny; wise observations that make us reassess our concept of reality, and our larger place in the universe.

Once you're approved, you'll have commenter access not just at Defamer, but at sites throughout the Gawker Media Network. So get commenting!