Wandering the set of the Today Show this morning, manic actor Tom Cruise tried to live down his 2005 "glib" outburst and reminds us why live TV is not his friend.

He and host Matt Lauer, at whom the actor hurled the g-word when the two got to talking about Scientology and its crazy ideas about crazy people, were genial enough during the formal sit down. But everyone seemed squirmy and unsure what to do when Cruise, heeding the siren calls of unseen alien beings, roamed into the shot during a news segment prior to the actual interview. "This is a little bizarrre..." a nervous Meredith Vieira keened.

You almost start to like Tom Cruise again, what with his funny turn in Tropic Thunder, and then he once more teeters a little too far over the brink of insanity and you just get kind of nervous all over again.