has a neat page called Your Seat at The Table, which tracks Obama transition meetings posts documents, in the interest of full transparency. But oddly, there are no meetings regarding Obama's Senate seat!

Obama's transition chief John Podesta promised a new era of totally extreme transparency earlier this month, and then, inconveniently, the governor of Illinois was arrested for massive corruption related to the proposed sale of Obama's Senate seat. Now it is hard to get Obama's team on the record about their talks with Rod Blagojevich.

So we know Rahm Emanuel talked with Blago, and we know they weren't playing ball with the idiot guv, but Obama still hasn't released any records of his team's negotiations, or lack thereof, with Blago. Obama promised to disclose everything last week, but today he's just introducing his Climate and Energy team, and then presumably taking more awkward questions.

Man, way to not manage this scandal, Barry! Or, uh, maybe he's doing fine? So far even the most antagonistic of columnists have suggested only that Obama is dragging his heels, not that he actually has anything to be worried about. The RNC's attack rests on an almost winking acknowledgment that they're just tarring Obama for the hell of it, and John McCain undermined their attack just yesterday.

Basically as long as everyone continues to perceive Blago as a singularly insane criminal with ridiculous hair, one whom everyone dealt with only out of strict necessity, Obama can continue dragging his heels and dribbling out information at his own pace without too much damage to his current ridiculous popularity. Maybe something terrible has yet to be revealed, necessitating the foot-dragging, but so far the honeymoon's still going strong.