Hello. My name is Joshua David Stein and I am here to recruit you in a quest to find Padma Lakshmi's true love.

Last Thursday, we set about trying to find a husband for Padma Lakshmi, an impossibly beautiful woman and host of Bravo's Top Chef. This task has become paradoxically both more difficult and a lot easier. Harder because, as some of you noted, she seems to be dating one or two guys (both millionaires). But it's become easier because I've gotten so many worthwhile responses. The best are found below. Remember, if you or someone you know believes they would be a good husband to Padma Lakshmi, a queen among women and angel among fools, please email the official Padmating hotline at joshuadavidstein@gmail.com. Padma, you may email this too.

From a man named Jeremy, who included a picture: "Please motherfucking god, pick ME. I know you're probably not supposed to nominate yourself, but this is Padma we're talking about. I love food and beautiful woman and she brings both together. I know a lot about food, cooking, fine dining, wine, travel, etc., and without being a pretentious douchebag about it. And I live in NY, so it wouldn't have to be long distance. "

From a woman named Meredith: "i strongly believe that padma is destined to be with george clooney."

From "A Reader From Michigan": I am of Indian-origin myself so I can relate to her somewhat and from the little I know about her, she seems to be an amazing person. I am sure Padma does not need a "campaign" to find her mate and after reading some of the comments on the website, it seems to be more insulting to her than anything else. If I even remotely thought I had a chance to get to know her better, I would have loved to take that opportunity myself.

From Euan Rellie, man-about-town, "I think she's gorgeous. I love my wife madly and am too middle class to take a lover or a mistress, but in some parallel universe I am flirting with Padma, right this minute. "