The celeb-intern trend is out of control, and it's partially our fault! Playing the "fabulist angle" forward, model-socialite-publishing heiress Lydia Hearst is interning for Blackbook.

First, Sean Avery sexed up the waifmatron-of-a-certain-age Anna Wintour's Vogue, then Ryan Adams Blackbook-ed in exchange for free publicity for his new record. Then, author James Frey voluntarily asked to intern here.

For Lydia, however, this is the next step on the media-ladder after you quit your Page Six column in a snit over an item about your family's company that you allegedly didn't write.

Meanwhile, the disgruntled Blackbook worker Foster (to her left) blogs that he's "trying to explain to her how our backend listings system works." Something tells us it's gonna be a loooong Monday.