It's only been one day, and already Muntader al-Zaidi, the Iraqi reporter who terrorized George W. Bush with high speed shoe projectiles, is already a full scale national hero. Viva los zapatos (in Arabic)!

Although al-Zaidi himself is currently locked who knows where with who knows who doing who knows what to him, everyone in Iraq not currently receiving money from the Coalition Forces thinks he is, like, so freaking awesome. They've demonstrated in the streets for his release, futilely! Now let's hear what the "ARAB STREET" (thanks, Tom Friedman!) has to say. The religious version:

“I swear by God that all Iraqis with their different nationalities are glad about this act,” said Yaareb Yousif Matti, a 45-year-old teacher from Mosul.

Quite! The diplomatic version:

“Although that action was not expressed in a civilized manner, it showed the Iraqi’s feelings, which oppose American occupation,” said Dr. Qutaiba Rajaa, a 58-year old physician.

The academic version:

"The flying shoe speaks more for Arab public opinion than all the despots/puppets that Bush meets with during his travels in the Middle East," Khalil wrote at

And finally, the historic context version:

"It was so gratifying to see Bush being hit in this manner. It was especially gratifying that it happened toward the end of his presidency because this is how he will be forever remembered," said Nermine Gabaly, a 32-year-old homemaker.

In the end, Bush sucked shoe.