These last few months, Fox News anchor Shep Smith has been acting weird. Liberal weird. Now we're sure something's wrong, because good ol' Shep is talking up Hussein Obama, and talking down god:

Shep tells (unpatriotic) Esquire:

We've come 180 degrees from a life where Barack Obama, in another time, would have been a slave potentially. That's bigger than Barack Obama, and it's bigger than my observations. He won the capital of the Confederacy.

We're not quite sure how to interpret that, honestly, but Shep's from Mississippi and people down there are always talking about the Civil War, so we assume this is meant as a compliment to Obama. Shockingly, he follows it up with THIS:

Oh, I don't talk about God.

You know who else doesn't talk about God? Satan. And whores. We're getting worried about you, Shep.
[More pinko statements from him in Esquire]