A brief update to alert you to the mounting casualties surrounding Delgo, the animated stinker whose claim to infamy was made much, much clearer once the box-office dust settled this afternoon.

A commenter points out distributor Freestyle Releasing's revised weekend numbers for the Jennifer Love Hewitt/Freddie Prinze/Val Kilmer et. al. curio, which have been downgraded to $511,920 — a staggering $237 per screen, further digging into its new record as the lowest-grossing opening ever for a film released in more than 2,000 theaters. This brushes against some of the all-time greats of box-office futility, with only one $30-grossing Katherine Heigl masterpiece standing between Delgo and history.

When we say, "Job well done, Freestyle," we sincerely mean it; you almost have to market it specifically not to be seen to fail this spectacularly. Again, those publicity stills help. Let's see if we can't get down to a two-digit PTA in week two, cool? Let us know how we can help.