With this "holiday" card, Fox is again on the wrong side of the "War On Christmas" it's so worried about. And apparently this is supposed to totally make up for smearing all those reporters:

Tim Arango can print that up and put it in his stocking, next to the Jossip smears and Irena Briganti's most insane emails! It's like a bundle of Christmas LURVE! (Danger: WILL spontaneously combust.)

From the looks of the word "(B)RIGHT," that little piece of FOX holiday cheer should also nicely ward off Barack Obama and all the other liberal, secular humanists who want to redistribute Arango's presents.

Bill O'Reilly, meanwhile, can use this Fox "holiday" card as a launching point for a campaign to dissolve all other Fox publicity departments into the one headed by Fox News's Briganti, which will promptly apologize for its pagan misdeeds and reissue cards that look like this bumper sticker, which comes with his book "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity:"

Dig the Fleur de Lys. If Fox believes in anything, it's the righteousness of Christianity, and the French.