Surely, everyone remembers when Bob Hope passed the Emancipation Proclamation, ensuring that even women would have the right to vote at the Oscars. Well, now you dames have gone and upset the LAT's Tom O'Neil!

O'Neil, for those unfamiliar, is the balloon animal-fashioning clown who runs the LAT's awards site and regularly freaks the fuck out or accuses actors who everyone loves of being total creeps.

Today, his insanity is less showy but nevertheless still amusing. In a post about a watermarked Quantum of Solace academy screener that's found itself on the web, O'Neil dances around the identity of the leaker, but makes sure to note this:

Reportedly, it was the DVD screener of a female academy member that was leaked on the Web, but it's not known if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences or legal authorities are prosecuting her or if her academy membership has been revoked.

This is why you can't have nice things, ladies. It's amusing that O'Neil would find it necessary to point out the gender of the leaker; would he have written, "Reportedly, it was the DVD of a male academy member?" Oh wait, it's Tom O'Neil, so he might, just to be bananas.