· Whose job is it to stick up that Double Showcase Winner overlay? They've been waiting for this moment for decades, and they did not let us down!

· RollingStone.com has kicked off some ridiculous Britney Spears at Coachella rumor, which set the festival message boards ablaze with theorizing (the timing is good) and the predictable outrage. No word yet on the David Archuleta as second-night headliner buzz, but we'll keep you posted.
· Bond girl tragedy: A View to a Kill party girl Celine Cawley was bludgeoned to death at her home in north Dublin.
· "Dear Santa: I would NOT like a Tickle-Me Uncle for Christmas."
· Verne Troyer wants Videogum's Gabe to get hit by a bus. We'll not take sides in the matter, save to say that if he is hit by a bus, we hope the bus is made of delicious marshmallow.