Annoying musician Moby, pathetic nihilist Gavin McInnes and various indie rockers made a video spoof of "We Are The World," about helping trust-fund kids. Because white privilege has never been funnier!

Granted, Saturday Night Live castmember Fred Armisen was there, and he's black, but it wasn't about him: This was a project of art-band leader Tim Harrington for (naturally) Pitchfork TV. There were many annoying people smoking cigarettes! Or at least that was our impression from the Observer's recap:

Eventually, everyone was corralled from the makeshift smoking lounge into the recording space to film the video... (sample lyric: "We're giving cash to all the trust fund kids this year").

It was not exactly a humble self-acknowledgment to line up local New York popular kids as though they were Michael Jackson's all-star cast... on a set of bleachers, giving the scene the look of a yearbook photoshoot where the nerdy had been intentionally misdirected to the wrong place. Mr. Harrington—who, at some point, changed into an outfit consisting of a pair of bright red briefs, yellow knee-socks, a white T-shirt, and rainbow striped gloves—acted as the conductor...

You might think this was just a harmless bit of fun, but no: These are very important people!

Out in the hall, conversation turned, as it does in these social climes, to the trials of becoming the most famous person to emerge from one's hometown.

Next up, the parody tribe wants to get NYU kids "involved" in their fun. It's never too young to start learning unredeemed self-absorption!