Christians are not taking the Atheist War on Christmas lying down. Heathens ran quirky, anti-god ads in DC recently, so Christians are striking back with a novel strategy—quirky, pro-god ads!

Advertising was historically seen as kind of lowbrow for the work of GOD, but now, what with the atheists attacking and the shitty economy making people long for some salvation, churches are taking advantage of the chance to land new recruits. Right here in New York, the modern-day Gomorrah!

“I think advertising is simply a technique; it’s value neutral,” [religious man who advertises] said. “It can be used to exploit, or it can be used to promote positive messages.”

And what this campaign is selling “is certainly more of an enduring product than the latest potato chip,” he added.

Even Pringles? That's debatable.
[NYT. See the whole quirky campaign here]