· Despite a tanking economy, this year's Sundance should continue to be the conspicuous display of Stoli-and-chocolate-dipped-strawberry consumption we know and love. [THR]

· NBC tied for first place with their Biggest Loser finale, a gripping two-hour event in which people who lost a lot of weight stood uncomfortably on stage, talking about what it feels like to have lost a lot of weight. (It feels really good!) [Variety]
· Warner Bros. TV has issued its own saber-rattling warning to anyone thinking about voting yes on a SAG strike: "In response to the uncertainties created by a potential SAG strike, WBTV is also considering all of its options, including those involving digital productions done under AFTRA agreements." Before you jump on Alan Rosenberg, however, we think you should at least hear the guy out. He's speaking calmly and reasonably enough, but he looks like he might have just strangled to death a courier bearing a letter from Alec Baldwin five minutes before. [Variety]
· MTV has eight new "aspirational, enterprising and empowering" series on the way, including a "behind the scenes at CollegeHumor.com" reality show and a "Donald Trump-produced series that will attempt to reform party girls." [THR]
· It remains to be seen if Oprah indulges in the use of prosthetic wieners in her upcoming projects on HBO. We're leaning towards "duh". [Variety]