You know what we just noticed? The 'Bernie Madoff Robs Everyone and Alienates His Family' story is kind of similar to that of the Bluth family from the brilliant-but-canceled Arrested Development. Let's do a who's-who comparison!

Bernie Madoff: Clearly the elder Madoff is George Bluth, Sr., the patriarch of a once-proud family that now lies in tatters because of his highly illegal wheelings and dealings. Of course in Madoff's case it was just a sad old Ponzi scheme, whereas with George it was lots and lots of fraud and lying and maybe selling of things to the Iraqis. And now Madoff is on house arrest in his fancy apartment just like George was!

Ruth Madoff: Not exactly a drunken, scathing Lucille Bluth type, Ruth is actually maybe more like Dr. Tobias Funke, who frequently has funny ideas about what he wants to do for work (Blue Man Group!). Because, you know, Ruth does wacky things like writing kosher cookbooks! Plus, you can totally tell that she's a never-nude.

The Sons, Mark and Andrew Madoff: These fellas probably (hopefully) have a little Buster, Gob, and Lindsay in them, but right now they mostly seem Michael-esque. Frustrated and angry with their crime-doing father, they have chosen to basically ignore any needs he might have, like a bail bond. Heck they even turned their guilty papa in to the police which—gasp!—also happened on the show.

We hope that a Steve Holt, a Kitty Sanchez, and a Lucille Austero are all lurking in the shadows, waiting to spice up the Madoff story even more.