Our supercool, smokin' President-elect has already inspired ironic T-shirts, lawsuits based on those T-shirts, and now a classic "this thing looks like that thing" post, all in one week!

The good people at Bambu, a cigarette rolling papers concern, are suing some ironic T-shirt maker who infringed their trademark with a shirt replacing the iconic panama-hatted Bambu guy with our iconic new President. But the president himself infringed on this very same trademark, back in college, in those hilarious photographs that Time tracked down this week!

Yes in those 1980 photos of Barack Obama, he's wearing a Panama Hat and smoking what appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette, and he's looking pretty smug, just like the Bambu guy. So either Bambu should sue 1980 Obama, or 1980 Obama should sue the T-shirt guy, or everyone should just get high and forget about it.

Maureen Dowd will work this into a column, mark our words—or mark the word "OBambu," when you see it in her column. Mark it out, in black Sharpie, so you don't have to read it again.