Are you ready for MASS NANNY/MAID LAYOFFS? We're sure that Manhattan nanny Yvette is touched that her former employers are reaching out to the good people of Craigslist to help her find a new job.

Today, in a Craigslist posting listed under "ETC," comes Please hire our Nanny, she is a Wonderful Person, see below.

They list her cell phone number. We're sure Yvette is thanking them right now.

Of course, yesterday, we learned that former Self magazine EIC and current artist Alexandra Penney, who lost her money in the Madoff Ponzi scheme, had to fire Yolanda. As she wrote on the Daily Beast:

I began to think about my options: I’d have to sell the cottage in West Palm Beach immediately. I’d need to lay off Yolanda...Yolanda makes my life work. She comes in three mornings a week, whirlwinds around, and voila! The shirts are ironed, the sheets are changed, the floors are vacuumed. She's worked with me for seven years and is a big part of my life. She needs money. She sends it to her family in Colombia. I have more than affection for Yolanda, I love her as part of my family.

On Friday, I tell her I have had a disastrous thing happen to me, but I don't have the guts to tell her I cannot keep her with me any longer. I'll wait till Wednesday.

We'd also be curious to know if Yolanda and Yvette were being paid over or under the table—taxes and social security can be tricky for employers, can't they?