· We'd just like to say to the aliens who replaced Ann Curry's brain with this articulate, ferocious one putting Rev. Rick Warren's nuts in a vise: Thanks! We'd like to keep her this way.

· Sometimes it's best if we just step away and let the NY Times's A.O. Scott do the talking: "Frankly, though, I don’t see how any review could really spoil what may be among the most transcendently, eye-poppingly, call-your-friend-ranting-in-the-middle-of-the-night-just-to-go-over-it-one-more-time crazily awful motion pictures ever made. I would tell you to go out and see it for yourself, but you might take that as a recommendation rather than a plea for corroboration. Did I really see what I thought I saw?" Keep reading. He goes on like this at some length.
· If blowing the dust off the Drunk Jeff Goldblum video meme doesn't turn you into a gleeful, laugh-out-loud fool, then we're sorry. You are lost.
· Here's approximately 7 gazillion screen shots [link NSFW] of SAG-strike-opposing, Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story star Seann William Scott playing tennis in only a jockstrap. As they say: You either want to see this, or you don't.
· We never thought we'd see ourselves cited on the Human Rights Foundation's official website.
· Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to Baby Janice, voiced by Dave Coulier, who appeared on a single episode of Muppet Babies. There is hope for humanity, friends.