There's not much fun to be had watching The Hollywood Reporter implode, but a morsel in today's Page Six does offer a puzzling clue as to what might be responsible. Hint: It's not the economy.

Word has it that THR publisher Eric Mika has "'burned through the company's cash flying back and forth to Asia' where he has a close personal friend." The paper's reps declined to comment, even as the money drought that resulted in editorial layoffs two weeks ago now threatens the remaining staff's critical coverage of Sundance. Their expense accounts reportedly have been frozen, they can't book rooms, and their paper may not even have a publisher by the time the fest begins next month — Mika himself is expected to be out of a job when his contract expires at the end of the year.

But! We digress. Who out there knows who's enticing the guy to Asia? Just how back-and-forth is "back-and-forth"? And can we get a little more specific with the location, too? It's a largish continent, last we checked. Operators are standing by.