Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto is just another frustrated freelancer when it comes to New York magazine, he complains. That's exactly how his blog should be used, by the way—for bitching!

He explains New York wanted to see his "interesting closet" for a feature on closets but then backed out. They asked for multiple quotes and comments and never used them. Then, they gave him an assignment that the subject refused to do.

We think we see the problem here. Musto is too well-known—he's been a media/downtown fixture for years—and perhaps making himself too available. Thus, everyone lazily sees him as an easy go-to person for quotes and anecdotes, a "just in case we can't get Taylor Momsen" type of backup guy. Musto needs to cultivate a more mysterious, "I don't do press" persona. Editors will be panting over what they can't have in no time.