· We'd like to introduce you to The Bundesliga Fashion Dance Troupe, who'll be offering their interpretations of every Best Picture nominee at the Oscars. Enjoy this preview, entitled, "WALL·E." [via BoingBoing]

· Prince is rumored to be playing a set at the Conga Room tonight. Hundalasiliah!
· David Copperfield's act came to a horrifying halt when a stage technician's arm was seriously mangled by a rotary fan blade. Copperfield brought a "children's magic set" to his hospital bed, and told Us, "If he gets too good with the magic set, I’m in big trouble!" Sure are! Even more so if he sues your ass off.
· Audience run for the doors as a Shakespeare performance goes blue: "No genitals were on show, but buttocks were visible."
· Finally, we leave you with some young girls, talking about themselves. Happy weekend, everyone!

[via b3ta]