Let's take a look at the week in theatre!

Pal Joey is apparently not so good (if you believe Ben Brantley). Shame for the "misused" Stockard Channing, but nice that Martha Plimpton got glowing reviews. She has been quietly taking over New York theatre over the past couple of years. Actually, I would see this show just to watch her sing "Zip." The overall lack of good buzz is bad news for Roundabout, though, as it heads into a play-heavy spring.

Speaking of their play-heavy spring, everyone should be excited about Mary Louise Parker in Hedda Gabler, which comes rumbling along in January. It's perfect casting, in a weird way. Plus, Parker is just one of the best reviewed theatre actresses of her generation, so seeing her return from the thick weeds of California is always nice. And Roundabout's Waiting for Godot, with Nathan Lane (ugh) and Bill Irwin (hooray!), ought to be interesting. (Or, you know, it could be kinda boring except for the times when you're marveling at Irwin. Like in Rachel Getting Married.)

On a smaller scale, I'm pretty interested in Potatoes of August. A play-with-music about metaphysical philosophizing sparked by a creepy potato boom? Yes, please. Plus it's right off the F!

But really, the best thing about all of these shows, even Pal Joey? Jeremy Piven isn't in any of them.