Guys, the Robin Givhan piece on Rod Blagojevich is here! She writes about his hilarious hair!

Givhan is the Washington Post's Pulitzer-winning fashion correspondent, and instead of writing about "fashion" she usually writes weird, wonderful columns about the style of people in the news. You know how Maureen Dowd tries to make serious points by writing stupid and frivolous things, and in the end it's still just stupid and frivolous? Givhan is like the opposite of that.

Much has been made about Blagojevich's thick mop of brown hair, which is about one salon visit away from impeding his eyesight. Such long hair could conceivably have given him a kind of bohemian sensibility. And it is particularly thick, which, for a man of 52, is not something to be mocked but envied. The disconcerting thing about Blagojevich's style is this: He wears bangs.

His is a hairstyle that typically has not been seen on grown-ups since the 1970s when it dominated the pages of Tiger Beat magazine. In earlier, happier times, one would have been tempted to call the feathered hairdo boyish. But against the backdrop of charges that make the governor sound proudly egocentric, that thicket of hair makes him look foppish and vain. Neither characteristic provides reassurance that perhaps this whole corruption business is just an unfortunate mix-up.

And then there are those hapless images of him waving from a car. No one looks good waving from behind the tinted windows of an automobile unless they happen to be Elizabeth II in a motorcade. Whether it is Paris Hilton or Blagojevich, the message in that familiar gesture of a raised hand and terse expression is always the same: I am a good person. I hate you. Get away from me.

Oh, and Rod's newest weird not-resigning publicity stunt is great: he pardoned 22 people on Friday. An accused rapist who didn't do it and 21 other jerks who'd "already served short sentences for such crimes as burglary, forgery or robbery, with a few more serious cases of battery." This is Rod just saying "HINT HINT," basically. Also maybe he's threatening to turn loose all the criminals in Chicago unless he gets his way.