The angry old building super/tabloid star over in Bay Ridge with a penchant for posting crazy-ass notes threatening to kill his tenants, Richard Martin, has been fired. We're sad!

How do we know this? The self-styled media critic ("shit") phoned the news in to the Daily News himself, at three in the morning.

I'm being fired. It's because of you and all that coverage - some Russian lady is buying the building and she asked me to leave... You know, Russian people don't mess around."

Take that, Brooklyn. He also told the paper that his tenants were still not depositing their garbage correctly. (He once penned a note announcing he would leave the trash cans in the lobby as punishment: "You can all live with the smell; it don't bother me.")

The all-caps, Sharpied missives, which ignored all basic rules of syntax and punctuation—yet still rang true—ranged from "To the scumbag who ripped my Christmas decorations down from ceiling and put in front of my door. If I catch you I will kill you where you are" to "You tenants better stop being so stupid & retarded."

People bitch and moan about how New York has lost its cast of crazies to gentrification, and this guy was all character. Can't take a couple threatening notes calling people "low life cheap bastards who stole my big black umbrella"? Get outta here.

Beehive Hairdresser adds, "No one wants to take a picture of you and your dog for two bucks!" But how can you dislike anyone who takes his doggie for a ride on a mechanical pony?