Earlier this morning we bemoaned the fact that Alex from Real Housewives New York was writing a book. An advice book, about parenting. Ugh, and hah! But maybe we didn't need to worry after all. A tipster from inside the book world tells us that Alex (and presumably her dopish, gayish husband Simon) had an agent shop the stupid thing around, but no one bit. All the publishing houses told her to come back once season two of the Bravo reality slosh started and maybe something could happen, but for the time being it's a no go.

Which means that Alex probz went to P6, crafted a big old honking exaggeration to drum up support for her as-yet-unsold (and probably unwritten) tome, and then twirled for some nonexistent paparazzo. And we kinda bought it (kinda) because it was a Monday morning and she's annoying/fun to write about. No harm done to us, I suppose, but I'm sure it's disheartening for her many devoted and loyal fans who have grubby little non-French-speaking shit factories running around their house and will maybe not have an Alex/Simon lifeline to depend on in the near future. Be strong.