The mayor of Paris actually doesn't care if Caroline Kennedy becomes a Senator, the Times has been forced to reveal. Also if you email them with a famous name they'll just print it.

Seriously, someone or other emailed the New York Times pretending to be the mayor of Paris, a guy named Betrand Delanoe, and they emailed him back being like "hey are you serious?" and the guy didn't write back so they edited and published the email.

Some Frenchies here in New York exposed the hoax when they found themselves suspicious of the language used in the letter, which called a Kennedy senate appointment "appalling" and "not very democratic," so they just called Paris and Paris was all "no, totally not us."

So while they're "reviewing" the procedures that led to this mildly amusing international incident, we encourage you all to write into the Times opining on the issues of the day and sign your emails with the names Boris Johnson, Gianni Alemanno, and R. T. Rybak.