Oh no, sad old man George H. W. Bush called Alaska Governor Sarah Palin twice and she never called him back. He is so sad!

Our source ran into the 41st prez recently at a Texas restaurant. When the subject of Palin came up during their chat, Bush told of twice phoning her office but never receiving a call back. The first message was left at McCain HQ after she was picked to be Sen. John McCain's veep; the second with the governor's office after the election was over. He shrugged it off as staff error, but our source says he was clearly perplexed.

And yet a Canadian radio DJ pretending to be the President of France got through? Though honestly no one wants to talk to George H. W. Bush, except Bill Clinton, and no one wants to talk to him except Ron Burkle and hot young models and the Saudis.

(Our theory: not "staff error." Bar didn't want him talking to that shiny-haired tramp and made sure his messages never reached their targets.)