As pro-strike SAG members gathered around their mediation menorahs to light a tiny Eric Bogosian head on fire, thereby commemorating the second night of Yea-nukkah, they were met with a shocking development:

SAG leaders Doug Allen and Alan Rosenberg had issued a surprise announcement notifying members that the impending strike-authorization vote of Jan. 2 would be delayed two weeks, so that an emergency meeting could be held to "restore the consensus" among their bitterly feuding ranks. But unless they plan on providing members with surprise entertainment Szeles: Master Hypnotist and his amazing feats of induced mass submission, the time for such magical, position-flipping powwows has long since passed. What next? The Hot Blog conjectures:

I think it’s all over. A deal gets signed shortly after The Oscars. Doug Allen is marginalized or gets a settlement allowing him to take all the money and go get a job with some other union that’s going out. Rosenberg resigns.

Resigns? Perhaps, but we doubt a guy like Rosenberg will go down without a fight. Don't be surprised if the 58-year-old union head uses Oscars' legendary audience of one billion to make his final, bold statement on the matter, streaking across the stage during Hugh Jackman's solemn In Memoriam introduction screaming, "YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF PATHETIC PUSSSIEEEEEEEEES!!!"

The full SAG announcement follows:

Notice of Special National Board Meeting

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

A number of National Board members have expressed concern about the organized opposition to SAG’s vote “yes” campaign to encourage members to authorize the National Board to determine whether to call a strike in the TV/Theatrical contracts. While almost 100 high profile members and 2524 total members have endorsed the strike authorization vote mandated by the National Board, more than 100 high profile actors and 1373 actors have lent their names to the opposition campaign. This division does not help our effort to get an agreement from the AMPTP that our members will ratify.

Accordingly, President Rosenberg and I have decided to call a special face-to-face National Board meeting in Los Angeles, during the week of January 12, to discuss how we can address this unfortunate division and restore the consensus demonstrated by the National Board at our October meeting.

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and the Commercials Contract W&W plenary in New York the first week of January, preclude scheduling such a meeting before the week of January 12. In accordance with our Constitution, this special meeting will constitute one of our two face-to-face plenary meetings for 2009.

In light of the subject matter of this special meeting, the strike authorization balloting will be re-scheduled to take place over a three-week period immediately following this special board meeting. This will provide us with more time to conduct member education and outreach on the referendum before the balloting.

This meeting will replace the January 24, 2009 plenary and will occur in Los Angeles all day January 12, and part of January 13.

Doug Allen

National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator