Drudge's latest awesome snap poll: who is hotter, Russian strongman Vlad Putin or sculpted hope-monger Barack Obama? The murderous ex-KBG officer is winning! Love it leave it, guys!

The infamous shirtless photos of the 56-year-old "Prime Minster" of Russia caused quite a stir back east when they surfaced last year, and we all laughed at the Russians for gushing over their thick, evil leader. Then of course we elected Barry Obama and today's New York Post headline is "FIT FOR OFFICE." So the joke is on us!

But Matt Drudge's readers hate liberals even more than they hate commies, or ex-commies, so they all think Putin with his pants cinched way up like an old man on his fishing trip in Siberia is "hotter" than Barry hanging out in Hawaii. Really, this battle of the bare-chested middle-aged world leaders is just weird. We wonder what would happen if Drudge polled Obama versus Sarkozy.

Oh, wait, BREAKING:


Obama expected to surf

This changes EVERYTHING.