The Sopranos and A Bronx Tale star Lillo Brancato Jr., who three years ago was involved in a bungled burglary that left one cop dead and Brancato himself critically injured, was found not guilty.

Brancatto told the jury the job wasn't actually a robbery attempt. He said he was an addict who had befriended a Vietnam vet who'd let him come over and get whatever prescription pills he needed. When he wasn't home, he just broke the window to get inside, which led the cop neighbor to investigate the proceedings. Very bad things ensued:

Brancato admitted to breaking a window at the home, but said it was strictly because he was going through intense heroin withdrawal that night and he said he was trying to wake up his friend to get the drugs.

When Brancato and [friend Steven] Armento entered the home, the next door neighbor —[Police officer Daniel] Enchautegui — came outside to investigate.

That's when prosecutors said Armento shot the officer through the heart with his .357 Magnum.

As Brancato 's already served three years, he could conceivably be released immediately. Armento was convicted of life without parole back in November.