Courtney Love, our favorite rock star/experimental meta-blogger, clearly on an all-night blogging bender, warns that if we're expecting a happy Christmas story from her, then "think again..."

"this holiday season, It's all about self-acceptance and in your case the acceptance of your own homosexuality."

Basically—from what we can deduce—she's mad at Rob Jr., son of prominent lawyer Rob Kardashian (who "who represented a cold blooded murderer [O.J. Simpson] and made lots and lots of money," she helpfully adds) allegedly punched her gay employee in the face outside a nightclub because said employee was gay.

She's also all about buying her Christmas presents through homemade-craft site Etsy, as is the trend we noted yesterday.

In conclusion:

Thank god for the Malibu Sherriff dept, Thank god for New York! Thank god for London, because the Hills are dead dead dead honey with homophobes running around these days
ps Rodney King sends his regards!
happy holidays kids and remember
hate crimes and homophobia is NOT HOT!
Kourtney Love Kobain

God help us, every one.