· We didn't need a scientific study to confirm for us that romcoms are detrimental to your health. Now infect us, impossibly handsome and emotionally available Patrick Dempsey, with your deadly McDreamy rays!

· Clay Aiken reflects on an unbelievably eventful year full of closet-exitings, baby-havings, and L'Oreal Feria-experimentings.
· Reality Blurred provides an excellent rundown of 2008's Top Reality TV Whores, though it's curiously NeNeless, and the jacuzzi-ambushing moms of Momma's Boys premiered too late to make the cut.
· China is cracking down on their own proliferation of trash reality TV. Shows like Extreme Emotion Face-Off have been shut down for faking content, dashing the dreams of millions of frowny Chinese fans who prayed they'd be selected for the transplant of a lifetime.
· We have no idea if LOLBlackSantas will ever take off, but we're at least willing to get the ball rolling.