When Courtney Love accused Kim Kardashian's brother of a hate crime, we anticipated the latter would continue the blog war with a rebuttal—we just didn't expect how cagey the response would ultimately be.

To recap: Love claimed that Kardashian's brother Rob had gay-bashed one of her employees outside Hyde while a conflicted Brody Jenner looked on, unable to produce any sort of cry for help besides, "How's my hair, brah?" Now, Ms. Kardashian has crafted a post addressing the matter that basically accuses Love of writing nonsensically (an irony, since it was her most coherent post in...ever) and says merely that something else happened that's maybe different, but she won't divulge what:

A lot of what she wrote doesn’t even make much sense and doesn’t follow a clear train of thought... At one point she says Brody was there too and that someone yelled discriminatory expletives against gay people, but I honestly can’t figure out who she is accusing because her writing is so bad.

All I know is that both Brody and Rob didn’t do anything close to what Ms. Love has described.

My entire family’s response is this: We are so saddened to hear that someone is blogging this insanity on Christmas Eve. Everything this person writes is obviously untrue and we will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys. Merry Christmas!

We're certain Kardashian's attorneys will enthusiastically file that one away along with Kardashian v. Anonymous Defamer Tipster. Kim, perhaps all this agita could be avoided if you would merely take Courtney's eternal, stress-relieving advice to "feel what it feels like to get fucked in the ass by a piece of fruit and you will feel the sweet sweet release...of coming into your own TRUE self!" Come to think of it, haven't we seen you do that already?

[Photo Credit: AP]