Chick lit is tired! We predict Xanax lit in 2009. In this week's Modern Love, we learn the perils of what happens when a breast-cancer patient cops an unauthorized Xanax in the waiting room before a biopsy.

When I saw my nurse again, I had a definite buzz, but suddenly couldn’t recall if the drug she had suggested was Xanax or Valium. Could be trouble. What if Xanax was not allowed, and I would have to come back for the procedure another day? I dummied up. Two minutes later it occurred to me that I didn’t want to find out too late that the pill I had swallowed would interact with the anesthesia, even if I had updated my “pull the plug” document.

I caught the nurse’s eye. “Uh, remember you told me about taking something? For relaxation?”

She nodded.

“I just took a Xanax.”

We can't wait for the sure-to-happen "My Xanax, My Self" anthology. [NYT]