Though our wintry economic climate provides plenty of reasons to drink, it also leaves us with little money to spend on lavish, unhelpful rehab facilities. How bad have things gotten? Just look at Promises!

The cushy Malibu compound has long been the most famous of Hollywood's high-priced rehabilitation centers, serving the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears when a detox facility is desired that won't get in the way of their clubbing. Now, though, Promises has opened its revolving doors to Hookers Ball emcee Tara Reid, and things are so dire that they were forced to bargain with her:

"Enrollment is down due to the bad economy, so in an effort to drum up publicity, they asked around Hollywood to see who wanted to stay there for free," says a source.

Promises, which costs about $1,600 a night and has treated such celebs as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, is giving Tara the VIP treatment. The 33-year-old gets to stay in a large room, and her incoming packages are not searched, like other guests'.

Things are bad enough when instead of serving as a last resort to those in need, Promises is scouting for personalities on their third Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew callback. In our new age of belt-tightening and personal responsibility, can Malibu rehab compounds continue to exist, or will we lose our celebrities to less splashy facilities in Montana and Arizona (where they don't even have Verizon, for God's sake)?

[Photo Credit: AP]