A newsflash from the New York Post: Unemployed 26-year-old writer Paige Ferrari, once a featured editor at now-defunct magazine Radar, has found part-time work!

Ferrari, one of five laidoff New Yorkers featured in the Post, was the tabloid's poster girl for out-of-work media types. She told the paper she has landed a part-time editing job at an undisclosed web site. No surprise that she wouldn't say where she was working: Anything would seem like a comedown compared to her position as online features editor at Radar, the inexplicably buzzy pop-culture rag whose on-again, off-gain publication cycle mirrored the economy's up and downs. (Previous gig: Slate intern.)

Just as the mere existence of Radar, improbable as it was, made editors everywhere feel a little more desirable, the news of Ferrari's post-Radar employment should cheer gloomy journalists who spend all day reading about layoffs. There is life after the collapse of the media business, Ferrari tells us! It's just not worth talking about.