Kevin Rose, the boyish founder of Digg, a testosterone-soaked news-discussion site, has resolved to "date someone seriously" in 2009. Specifically, he plans to woo Marley & Me star Jennifer Aniston.

Those romantic dreams make up part of Rose's list of New Year's resolutions. Rose will likely reassure his Silicon Valley friends that he's kidding. They love to make fun of Hollywood celebrities like Aniston!

But I think he's punking them, and that he's actually serious in his ego-swollen ambition. San Francisco has grown too small for Rose, who, according to Alex Albrecht, his cohost on the Diggnation podcast, has exhausted the dating possibilities of the city. (Or, as Albrecht put it, he has "basically plowed through everybody.")

If Aniston, America's sweetheart, could be seduced by geekily emo singer John Mayer, doesn't Rose, the nerd everyman, stand a chance?