· Still have an appetite for memorable Defamer video moments after getting through the Hall of Shame? Intern Leigh Lumford compiled A Top 10 Defamer Video Moments for your 2008 nostalgic enjoyment.

· The Kardashians are selling their Hidden Hills home—yes, the one from Keeping Up with the Kardashians—for $3,395,000. It's steep, but it does include side-by-side toilets etched "Kris" and "Bruce" along the tanks in gold leaf.
· Bristol Palin gave birth to a "healthy 7 lb., 4 oz., baby boy" yesterday, named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, or as proud dad Levi calls him, *sound of pickup truck wheels skidding out of a recently salted driveway*.
· "I'm the gardener [in our relationship]. I definitely nurture. [Tony] is the flower." If you'd like to learn more about Tony Parker's slow, Roundup-induced death at the hands of Eva Longoria, click here!
· You think you get cranky around the holidays? You're a walk in the snow compared to Batman.