The rumor we heard about Brad Pitt knocking up Angelina Jolie isn't the most reliably sourced, but it is the most adorably sourced.

It comes from the Springfield 8 Theater! In Missouri!

Pitt grew up in Springfield, and still has a bevy of relatives there, like brother Doug and grandmother Clara, who the movie star often visits. Our tipster was apparently at Kickapoo High there with Pitt. And recently attended a screening at the Springfield 8, where the rumor mill was churning furiously. You know how debauched the scene at those motion picture houses can get!

I have never done anything like this before in my life and I certainly don't want my name in any magazine. However I thought I might pass along a tip I heard standing in line at the Springfield Mo. 8 theater yesterday. As you more than likely know, Springfield is the home city for Mr.B. Pitt and his family comes to visit Grandma and all the,Aunts and cousins pretty often. That big billboard on one of our streets of his brother who sells real estate is a traffic stopper for lots of women in town!

While waiting to buy our tickets a Woman was saying that on her street (same street as the Pit family) the big news was that Brad and Angelina had announced to the family that they are expecting a new baby again in a few months.

I though you might like to check that one out and see what you hear on your end. His family is very nice and well liked in our community. I graduated a year ahead of Brad from Kickapoo.

Hot diggity!

Unfortunately, reps for Pitt and Jolie have been swatting down pregnancy rumors basically every week or so for the past two months, usually in the lesser celebrity magazines. First the rumor was Jolie was pregnant, then it was denied. Next she was said pregnant with twins, then it was, inevitably, denied.

But, you know, In Touch claimed Pitt simply wasn't ready to go public yet. It's possible that, having told his family, he's now ready. But we wouldn't bet our popcorn on it.

Heard anything? Perhaps while waiting at the Springfield Starbucks or whatever? We're all ears.

(Getty pic above taken Dec. 9 at the premiere of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Black can be very slimming!)